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Yellow Bar Island Habitat Creation

by gwirth | October 13, 2012 19:55 13 Oct 19:55 | #4404 | #4404

Balloon mapping from July 2012, used Army Corps contract drawings to rectify imagery.

See the full map here


Wow Gena, this is a most incredible map composition! Overlaying the aerial imagery with the dredge contour lines is so expressive and informative. I have never seen imagery of this subject before. What are the next steps for the Dredge Research Collaborative?

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Thanks, Liz! Hope to meet soon with the Army Corps re: continuing the project. What is super interesting is that Black wall island is directly adjacent to this island, and they're both being remade. Yellow Bar is a full ACE contracted job, while Black wall is going to be entirely planted by community members. So next step is to get some comparative analysis imagery between the two islands, hopefully during planting day!

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How interesting that you will be able to compare these two implementations side by side! Sounds like a wonderful research direction - keep us posted!

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