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DIY spectroscope

by gpenzo | May 29, 2015 19:33 29 May 19:33 | #11906 | #11906

What I want to do

I had some usb camera and some lenses laying around from a previous project. And thought how easy can I make a spectroscope with it, without to much work.

My attempt and results

I bought a cheap jewelry spectroscope and attach the usb camera to it with hot glue. The NIR filter of the usb camera is removed. Hoping it will be more sensitive at the red band. I use a 3.6mm Lens


The result is very nice. Still need to adjust the focus a bit.

Outside light when it was starting to get dark


Monitor white screen


CFL bulb it is called i think


The with line on the right should not be there. I think the grating plate in side the tube is not fit correctly. Also I do not understand why it is getting a bit blue on the left side. But he it was a cheap scope.

Why I'm interested

I just did it for fun. Want to see how easy it is to make a cheap spectroscope with stuff I had laying around. Cheap but still good spectral images. All it need is a 3D printed enclosure.


Nice work!. That camera seems to be an ELP camera?. Could you share the files of the enclosure. I want to try your design with an Aptina AR0130 that has great spectral response.

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Hallo Jose. It is indeed a ELP camera. I had one laying around here. jewelry spectroscope I bought form aliexpress. But you can find them anywhere. Only modification I did was to file away some metal where the light exit the spectroscope. For my camera the exit lens whas to deep in the housing. The eyepiece is aluminum, is easy to file.

When you have some images with the AR0130 let me know.

I also had an crazy idea to put a linear cmos sensor behind it.


But I have to much projects and not enough time.

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