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Barataria Birds

by gonzoearth | December 30, 2011 00:21 30 Dec 00:21 | #670 | #670

lat: 29.447981° long: -89.943661° date: 2011-2-25 Adam Griffith; image acquisition. Stewart Long; image processing.


Nice photo -- when was this taken, and by whom?

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Good point! I added the info. I uploaded a few obliques the other day as notes, but I am holding off on adding the rest until we can set aside a place for oblique and ground field images. I just don't want to crowd the note stream.

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this is a mini mosaic of 3 images. You can see some of the borders, I did not do any color correction and there is a slightly different contrast and color amongst the images.

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added a "wildlife" tag for discussion of bird / wildlife mapping

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