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Using Transifex's Translating Platform

by gegeneo | January 03, 2017 10:10 03 Jan 10:10 | #13832 | #13832


In this note, I'll be guiding you step-by-step how to use the Transifex Translating Platform, which is an internationalization platform that helps business owners get their website translated into various number of language, it is completely user-friendly, easy-to-use and professional. You'll be able to understand how everything goes in no time. I took part in translating the PublicLab project to Arabic as part of the Google Code-In 2016 Contest. Just follow the steps and you'll be ready!

Step 1: Register:

First of all, you'll have to register an account on Transifex, you can fill in your details or sign in with Facebook, Google or Github. Just follow the steps and you'll be done.

Step 2: Joining a Team:

After you've created your account, you should join a team to help them get their project translated to your language, search for a team from the Explore button at the navigation bar. Then click the "Join Team" button, you'll be prompted to choose your language, choose it, click join and wait for the project admins to accept you. If your language isn't there, you can request a language from the bottom of the team's project section, and wait for an admin to accept your language and accept you in the team!

Step 3: Let's Translate!

Now moving on to the fun part, translating, it is the easiest part and the most enjoyable one. Once you've created an account and got yourself accepted in a team. You'll be seeing an awesome-looking interface, click on Recourses from the left-hand side of your screen, choose a page you want to translate, choose your language and translate the word, click save, and repeat!

As easy as it sounds!


So that's it! I hope you enjoy translating, because obviously, Transifex made translating more fun and productive. If you have any questions, please leave it in the comments, or you can watch my YouTube video tutorial explaining step-by-step how the process goes!

Thanks and Good Luck Translating!


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