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Updates on Photosynq

by gbathree | October 15, 2013 18:22 15 Oct 18:22 | #9490 | #9490

We're getting closer to our beta test ready version of Photosynq, the handheld device for measuring photosynthesis, and we're still seeking beta testers (that could be you!). Here's the updates on how things are going -



Thanks for posting Greg, I've passed this on to a few folks who I think have time to go through a beta test.

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Hey Greg, This is great! What mailing lists are you on? Someone asked a question about similar technology, and I am hoping you are either on plots-infrared or plots-spectroscopy to discuss with us.

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I am on both lists, but I sometimes don't thoroughly read it all the way through :( . I'll go see if I can find it and respond.... we're working really hard on the data storage and analysis component (taking a lot of lessons and pieces from publiclab on that) so any arduino device that can communicate via bluetooth can easily send, store, analyze and share data on the web, so it might be a real benefit to some of these projects.

Thanks for the ping :)

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