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PhotosynQ midsummer update

by gbathree | August 13, 2014 01:12 13 Aug 01:12 | #11042 | #11042

Hey Public Labbers, we've been making a lot of progress on the handheld plant health measurement tool called MultispeQ, and the overall platform for sharing, viewing, and anaylyzing the resulting data called PhotosynQ. I just wrote a long update on how we're doing, with some details about the tools we're using and some early results. It's too long to post here, so here's the link:

This update is a bit more tool focused (pick and place and 3D printers), but this week we just finished our first really successful outdoor test of the full platform (from device to data to analysis) when we collected 900 data points from about 150 individual plots in a field of bean varieties under different fungal treatments (150 combinations in total). We completed the test in 1.5 hours with 7 people and 7 different devices (woo hoo!). By the end of the week, I expect we'll have almost 3000 data points with another 4 people involved and we hope to try to repeat these kinds of focused experiments every couple weeks (a la Public Lab's barnstormings). So pretty soon you'll be able to see a load of really nice data, and hopefully be able to play with the online data analysis tool.

Also, we just hired Geoff Rhodes who's very interested in developing the tool for non-plant applications like water and soil monitoring, so hope to see more posts from him.

For interested beta testers, we now have the capacity to begin shipping units so hold tight we're almost there, expect an email soon -



This is a wonderful project!!! This might be a great companion to the Infragram Plant Monitoring...

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