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Some notes + updates from PhotosynQ

by gbathree | April 08, 2016 03:34 08 Apr 03:34 | #12937 | #12937

I haven't posted in a while, but wanted to let folks know a few interesting things:

1) If you're not familiar, we've been working on a new sensor to measure photosynthesis called the MultispeQ V1.0, based on our year long beta test (which we sold as a kit through Public Lab). We're now getting initial data on that device on the bench, and the results are quite good. There's a post about it here: The new device has a wide range of available wavelengths (440nm, 535nm, 605nm, 650nm, 730nm, 850nm, 880nm, and 940nm) with very high accuracy so there may be some useful applications in environmental monitoring. If anyone in the community has any specific applications, let me know, we will have a lending library to test things out once we get production up and running.

2) We're doing our first PhotosynQ Conferece here at Michigan State University in East Lansing on April 22nd (link to register here) . Shoot just realized that's only a day away from the Eau Claire Workshop (I just realized in writing this), so probably not the best day but it is what it is at this point. It's only a day long, but all of our beta testers will be there presenting, there'll be discussion about the application of the device to soil (specifically the results for soil carbon and mold identification in seeds). After the very interesting discussion a month ago about soil contamination measurements on the Open Hour with Stevie and others I think there's a lot of potential for identification of specific contaminants, especially with reference soils, with this device and possibly with the upcoming soilspeq we're hoping to test this summer.

I have another thing to share but I'll do a different post :)


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real cool!

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