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RGSoC proposal : Pollution tracker

by evjam | March 01, 2018 11:14 01 Mar 11:14 | #15845 | #15845

About me

_Im Evie, well travelled self-driven Business student from the Uk. Switching and mixing up studies from creative interests through to structured business approaches and strategies. _

_Involving myself in any open existing opportunities in likes of the professional world, success, business publications, start ups and existing monopolies. _

_Trying to attain an insight into the future - the gap in the market - enhancing and providing on a larger scope - thinking big picture - global impact. _

Affiliation University of Exeter

Location: Cornwall, UK

Project description

A design implemented across an open system with aims to establish and highlight the causes for stress on the atmosphere (consequently us).

A system which gets to the bottom of it, initiating cause from the source. Encouraging and enabling usage (for scientific, educational, medical, through to personal reasons), to lead to bettered global positioning or at least enhance awareness of local environmental scope for all.

Abstract/summary (<20 words): A global-reach platform; accessing users to any position required for environmental-personal well-being.


Air pollution affects on the planet global communities.


1. Team collaboration, collectivisation, individual research and program prototype.

2. Securing partners, dividing organisation and data collection. / program installation.

3. Bringing data and program together. Basic system tested - amendments

4. System publication

5. Continuity of data collection, release.

* meanwhile separate investigations into Future scope projections, enhancing new tech, maintaining and gaining relationships.


_What resources will you need: a hybrid team - a combination of part-time freelance professionals to support and confirm the data found and transfixed by a dedicated student/ grad team who will tracking and inputting to the system , current secondary data collection - from every-day collections, e.g. met, geographical and air databases. Devising our own measurement system in the likes of high frequency monitory satellite imagery, a partnership with these fast communications services would insure global reach. _

_*Legal adoption in terms of release of information across borders/ - open to all?, acquire permissions and support from local sustainability focused organisations__would be beneficial. _

First-time contribution

Yes. Having just discovered and signed up today. Highly inspired by pollution mapping posts and current affairs.


_No current experience in terms of coding software. I will attend coding practises and acquire tuition if necessary. _

_My ideals to negotiate and derive a dedicated team and connect us to a network of opportunity. _


Worked as part of a water sports team - one of many instructors, we all collaborate, share the tuition, step in to help sessions where needed, split work load, enhance each others teaching capabilities, spread the weight of daily chores, consistent participation

_Course projects - Team work alongside studies, completing two Project Management projects (AI & Events), sustainability project (cradle-cradle frameworks). _


_Environmental projects: Air pollution derive detailed info - denoting cause to user - awareness and personal safety capability whilst encouraging global protection. _

Community fairness and well-being: Learning from developed areas, to enhance those proceeding through industrialisation.


The communities facing uncertainty in terms of pollution positioning - specifically revolutionising zones with less access encouraging positioning and well-being via the route of the problem.


Securing a team - students across all platforms and countries via personal and educational contacts .

_Securing a communal workplace prominent - University space most likely, if not use a private area. _

Set up prior to the summer program. April and May wholly dedicated to the initial start up. Research and data surveying.

Length of Program: Initial launch, data collection and tech harnessing every day activity until underway (reaching automatic programming).

Releasing ASAP to enable protection and management of invested individuals.

Ability to carry through successive database through to 2019, in align with my dissertation project/ graduation - with this I can enhance this launch through use of educational advisory systems and professional support combined from the environmental innovation and business centres.


Hello! This is an interesting idea -- I'd love to see it fleshed out a bit more. We do need user experience help!

Maybe you have some sketches, wireframes, or mockups you could share? Thanks a lot!

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thanks Warren, heres ideas and draft..what do you think!? (:


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I would need help with the logistics - the high frequencies, GPS data and deep space stuff. In terms of design, user-trial, error, and amendments I would be happy to take on,

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This running as the first prototype, room for expansion of data collection and projections; e.g. opportunity for commercial prospects, such as fishing, farming, traffic, land management etc.

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