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[reference] Redfish report on south shore lake pontchartrain

by eustatic | September 05, 2014 17:51 05 Sep 17:51 | #11107 | #11107

What I want to do

Collect a reference about the importance of wetland habitat for the south shore of lake pontchartrain. wetlands are fish habitat. we are monitoring south shore wetlands for the EPA Urban Water program.

I will be searching for their rock references, which could refer to lincoln beach or bayou sauvage

Photo by Todd Masson, | The Times-Picayune


_From then on, we abandoned the jacks and focused on the reds. Not surprisingly, the fish were always close to the mullet and they seemed to hang right along the rocks. The best casts were those that met the surface within a couple of feet of the rocks. Most of the hits came within 5 feet of the above-water rocks, although a few fish did follow the baits to within a few feet of the boat before striking.

All that time, the jacks seemed to appear wherever we weren't, but we no longer cared.

The area has seen a lot of southeasterly winds in recent days, and as long as that trend continues, that section of shoreline is an easy one to fish. Behind the rock wall is a levee that keeps storm surges out of the Bayou Sauvage area and buffets a southeast wind.

The reds are obviously there for the same things the jacks are: mullet. The schools of baitfish are enormous and are plainly visible in the clear water.

Still, there were sections of the rocks that held no mullet at all. Not surprisingly, the reds were entirely mixed in with mullet._


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