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Adventures on the Gowanus on a July Evening

by eustatic | July 12, 2017 16:59 12 Jul 16:59 | #14646 | #14646

eustatic was awarded the Photo Documentation Barnstar by stevie for their work in this research note.

Inspired by common ancestry with Fundulus, four of us got in the waters of the Gowanus, and saw what was brewing in everyone's favorite superfund weltand basin.

what happens in the Gowanus tends to stay in Gowanus, unless the tides of PublicLab pull the productivity of the system out into the open bay of the internet.

it took us 23 minutes from the furthest out to get back home. overall, we floated for 90 minues.

Gowanus rainshower 11 july 2017 wunderground link to history 0.09 inches of rain, still winds (<5) most of the time.

gowanus bay tide from NOAA (.058 low tide to start, around 430. we launched at around 1733)

below are some action shots from a Mobius action cam set with the green too high just to start. battery and memory were 100% throughout.


barn swallows (6) far inland

little shorebird thing on that barge (1) inland

gulls (3)

terns (2) in the bay

osprey (1) in the bay

black skimmer (1) in the bay

1000s of fish, starting at whole foods (Fundulus heteroclitus, says Eymund.)

long flat algae at whole foods

hair algae all the way up

floating seaweeds all the way up (more in teh bay)

clams in the nooks of the wood far inland

amphipods at whole foods

These pictures do not capture the Gowanus Roses nor the coal tar sheens.

image description

need for new dock

image description

image description

image description

whole foods wetland sedimentation attached algae amphipods and minnows, thousands

image description

grad student trap empty whole foods

image description

Citzens On Patrol

image description

image description

c mon give me a discount

image description

new orleans tug captain, emerald Coast. of course, his boat is the prettiest.

image description

ask jessica wentz at columbia if this isn't tidal protection from surge of climate altering oil storage.

image description

image description


@stevie awards a barnstar to eustatic for their awesome contribution!

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