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Barataria 2014: VI June 12th

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tide and weather info


this survey was done with a peak in the tide around 1pm.

What I want to do

this is the sixth outing for the barataria work. Scott, Matt P, Dan B, and Stevie E from PublicLab went out with Capt Dave of Big Dog Charters.

The balloon worked very well, after we had inflated it to 1.8 kg of lift. Normally, we have only inflated the balloon to .8 kg, and have had problems. 1.8kg for .5 kg of payload was magic. also the weather was perfect, all day, with no switch in wind. we repeatedly got the balloon to 283 yards plus in a very rapid amount of time.

Is this weather only in the summertime? why was this time working so much more smoothly than the last times?

We had a tarp to hold the balloon down when on plane in the boat.

We invented a way to crank the spool with a leatherman. It works best with three people, one to hold tension, one to de-tangle the line and guide the line into the spool, and one to crank on the spool. We should get a line that has mounted onto a electrician's spool.


First session

BH5 [numbers]

Second session

BM4 [numbers]

Third session


fourth session

BL4 numbers

Fifth session



Sixth session

BM1 numbers

Questions and next steps


Thursday 12 June 2014 [Notes by Matt transcribed by Dan]

Public Lab Barataria Bay Mapping follow up on BP oil spill

Site 1 BH5 NW portion of Bay Batiste

11:45 on board with Capt. David from Fish with Phil dot com are: Scott E., Dan B., Stevie L., Jonathon H., and Matt P.

  • high tide

  • Jonathon got out to take a soil sample

  • balloon lift 1.8 Kg

  • camera + rig 0.5 Kg

  • added Amod Photo Logger

  • A2 SD card, Cannon A1400

12:17 camera taking photos, deployed with balloon

12:20 moving to be directly on site

12:29 on site, or at least the beginning of the transect

  • traveling at ~4 mph

12:35 more or less completed transect and started reeling in balloon

12:45 balloon and camera down

  • camera (on motorized mount) was pointing out or horizontal when brought in

  • Scott inspected images and declared flight good since camera was pointing down

  • camera went horizontal at 12:50 [this is confusing]

  • camera's time was 1 hour off and subsequently Scott set it to the correct time

Site 2 BM4 eastern shore of Bay Batiste

1:05 begin raising balloon

  • same rig, SD card, and A1400 camera

  • let out about 500 to 700 feet of line

Site 3 BN5

1:48 A1 SD card, Cannon A800, and same rig

1:52 camera installed an running

1:53 camera up and transect started

2:03 started reeling in

2:12 camera down and off

Site 4 BL4

2:22 approaching site

  • same configuration as last flight

2:24 camera on and hoisted

  • [?] went out into water then turned around - horseflies! egret in marsh (saw snowy earlier)

2:49 balloon and camera down

Site 5 BM5

2:59 camera on, hoisted, transect started

  • look for red buoy/ball on coffee ground beach

3:17 balloon down, camera off

Site 6 BM2

("I think" - Scott)

3:39 camera and balloon up

3:50 snowy egrets and flag on E side of Wilkinson Canal

~4:02 camera down and off

  • 4:00 on camera last photo taken

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BM2 in this note = BM1 for real

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