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Operation Pollution Sucks: ~$100 nurdle sucker upper from commercial sources

by eustatic | June 04, 2022 19:45 04 Jun 19:45 | #31030 | #31030

On the Nurdle Patrol facebook group, user Nick Castillo posted his use of a home garden clippings vacuum to vacuum nurdles from a rail ballast yard. Nick credits Galveston Bay Foundation's Nurdle 101 class for the motivation.

"this is the N.S.U device Nurdle Sucker Upper."

"So I found a laundry bag with a mesh large enough for nurdles to pass through from Walmart and a crawfish bag to catch the nurdles and release dirt or sand from Academy Sports. Tomorrow we will see if

"Operation: Pollution Sucks"

will work!

In my head it does"

"Just a leaf vacuum with two different size mesh bags I found. One just large enough for the nurdles to pass through and one just small enough to catch the nurdles but release the dirt or sand!"

The intake mesh is too small for sticks, but bigger, is tough (you will drag it through rocks) and it is tight, mounted with zip ties.

The receiver mesh is smaller, softer, and holds nurdles (fresh ones at the rail ballast, probably 4mm-6mm) and drops sand (sand is heavy for its size, very dense)


'Any leaf blower should work, I just used what was at work'

zip ties

Academy outdoor gourmet crawfish bag

Walmart Mainstays Heavy Duty Polyester mesh with strap

June 2nd, Nick posted a trial

image descriptionimage description

image description

video with notes:

"Notice when I lay off the gas they fall back out. Next time I will try raising before I lay off the gas"

All thanks to Nick for cleaning this stuff up! I think Louisiana waters can benefit from this.


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