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Kite Fisheye Photos of Bayou St John restoration

by eustatic | January 07, 2014 03:24 07 Jan 03:24 | #9928 | #9928

What I want to do

Take aerials of Bayou St John, as ever. Initial winter plantings have been done, more because there were plants available than a great expectation of success.

More plantings that will take root are planned for February.

The expectation of where sediment rests has changed. The sandbars are not even, but have a hill and trough shape because this area has become a area of high activity, thanks to the new channel.

more sediment has been placed in front of the bag-wall, and plants planted. this also gives the wall a more natural depth profile. Great Egret was seen using this area. (pictured)

There was a unique combination of low water and light wind last saturday. Jordan came out and we flew some kites for way too long. fun.

We slapped a rig together (pictured) for a wideangle hi-res camera (pictured) with extra rubber bands--two camera loops and four points of stabiliization were snapped and wrapped with micro-carabiners ($1 a pop).

So this rig was, at once, fancier and more crude than normal.

My attempt and results

This camera model comes with a Wifi signal emitter; thus we were able to live preview the camera frame, even at the highest elevation.

Questions and next steps

This is another set of photos for dredgefest, showing the progression of water to marshland over the next few months.

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