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Ernesto. Catching up.

by ernestootero | October 25, 2015 01:52 25 Oct 01:52 | #12332 | #12332

A summary of activity. Openned Kit on 30 September 2015


14 october 2015. Participated in Chat and had already put together the spectrometer side of the testing kit.

Found out that the wooden internal base and triangular base for the camera made difficult to close the lid. Used ruler inserted on the side to help close the the lid.


Had to cut 1-2 mm of the tab towards the slit and opposite to the camera.


21 October 2015 Tested the camera. Seems to be working fine. While trying to calibrate with a fluorescent bold found I difficult to stabilize spectrometer to maintain a stable spectrum before capture. Have to rig something to make stable readings. For calibration, something like some laboratory hands to grab the bulb close to the slit while keeping the camera on a stable surface.

(PNG_Image__640 × 150_pixels)_light_at_home.png

24 october 2015 Put together the laser and cuvette holder. It was not so easy. Maybe a sturdier type of carboar would make it less complicated. Similarly, the same mailing boxes could be used for mounting the camera and/or the laser. Used some tape to stabilize the base of the cuvette holder. (The tape is seen as a brighter strip). **


The cuvettes I got are for spectrophotometry not for fluorometry. The clear faces are facing across the cuvette vs perpendicularly. Any suggestions?**

Brought some things to stabilize the light source..


Identified some areas with visible oil spills in the streets close to the beach to use as unknown. I will search for additional sites tomorrow.


Hi, Ernesto - sorry, didn't see your question until now. There's a discussion of the ribbed cuvettes here:

If the ribbed side faces the spectrometer, they should be fine. What did you find?

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