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Analysis of Dual-Bandpass NDVI Filters using Python

by ektopyrotic | June 28, 2020 00:00 28 Jun 00:00 | #24053 | #24053

Full article detailed here:

coding is available here: this article I share some research notes on the examination of 2 of the dual bandpass filters I use in my NDVI imaging research and compare with the color channel histogram plots of images taken in the NIR vs RGB.

I also go over some details regarding the plotting of NIR vs the Blue (leveraging) channel to create the characteristic spectrum plot which can be used in combination with a contour overlay in identifying the density of vegetation-marking pixels and to connect this information with a threshold plot of the NDVI image.

Spectrum graphs themselves of NDVI threshold images allow as a useful introduction to image classification and it is hoped that comining this technique with machine learning will allow for fast segmentation of an image int classified regions for labelling using software such as QGIS with its Orfeo toolbox and others.


Dual bandpass filters used on the modified DJI Mavic 2 Pro Full-Spectrum Hasselblad can be purchased here: Both Types of Filters for sale here:

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