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My opinion on the West St. John High School Soil Sampling experiment

by dlrthekid8732 | April 30, 2021 18:40 30 Apr 18:40 | #26429 | #26429

During the soil sampling experiment, I learned that our soil might have mercury or might not have mercury in our soil. I also learned that if we don't have enough organic matter in our soil, then our environment might not be protected. My personal opinion about our soil in our environment is that they do have enough organic matter and they have mercury in our soil. I think that this experiment was not hard but it did take along time to finish the test. The reason we did this experiment is to find out what we have in our soil. The thing we were mostly looking for in our soil is mercury. While doing this experiment, I have only done 3 or 4 mistakes during this experiment. In conclusion, I think that this experiment was very informational and fun.


I would encourage you to keep looking for mercury in soil. However, mercury is a difficult element to analyze safely and very dangerous to handle. There are ways to safely analyze for it safely- like EDXRF ( energy dispersive X-Ray flouresence). There are the hand held analysis "guns" that can be rented to safely analyze mercury (or Hg). Although the rental fee is not cheap. Good job!

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