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DH 4.0 v4 Spectrometer Build Illustrations, Modifications and Specifications

by dhaffnersr | August 06, 2016 05:59 06 Aug 05:59 | #13337 | #13337

The ZEN of simplicity

Measurements between the slit to cmos camera eye are not as critical, as precise alignment of camera to DVD grating (blaze angle) and DVD grating to slit entrance, so with this in mind, the camera is now at 40 deg relative to slit entrance and DVD grating is at same (40 deg) relative to cmos camera eye.

I did find that, the 88mm distance from cmos camera eye to slit was optimal focal length, but component alignments and hardware stability, were the most critical factor in achieving high resolution.

The ruling density of the DVD grating is 8.4 g which equates to 2770 lines per mm. The slit width is now 0.12mm. Project box dimensions are: 190mm X 109mm X 55mm, my spectral bandwidth is now 1.6nm, the equation is as follows: ( R= 1x 0.12 x 2770 = 332.4 R= [λ] 532/332.4 = 1.6nm)

Slit width dimensions are: 25mm in length, Cmos camera(JDEPC-OV05) distance from slit 88mm. Camera angle: 40 degrees, DVD grating angle: 40 degrees. Entrance coupler for slit and cuvette holder: 44mm in Diameter.

Wavelength range = 353nm – 693nm (reliably)











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