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Absorption spectra of extra virgin olive oil-Supplementation part III

by dhaffnersr | August 01, 2016 11:51 01 Aug 11:51 | #13320 | #13320

Supplemental analysis of initial absorption spectrum, related to Dave Stoft's challenge: Chemical analysis of Extra Virgin Olive Oil sample SP07-C0[4] (Chlorophyll [A] and Chlorophyll [B].

Sample preparation was done with 1 plastic disposable UV cuvette (220nm - 2200nm) and filled to a volume of 2ml of Ethyl Acetate for my reference spectrum (solvent.)

Using a Solux 4700K 12vdc lamp as my radiant light source, I acquired my first spectrum for absorption data analysis. Next, using the same cuvette, I transfered 1% extra virgin olive oil (Kirkland brand) into the cuvette and used a stainless steel cuvette mixing stick to vortex the sample.

This was my second spectral capture for my absorption study. Following procedures detailed in my previous literature, I used Spekwin32 to process and capture all data. Using the same diluted sample of Evoo (extra virgin olive oil,) I then used a 405nm UV laser pointer to capture the emission spectra.

My results and final data analysis are presented below:






[3] - excitation at 280-330 nm and emission at 372-480 nm.


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