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supplementation Data for Dave Stoft Challenge Part II

by dhaffnersr | July 31, 2016 12:52 31 Jul 12:52 | #13316 | #13316

SP07 – C04 Comparison Absorption Study - 4 samples (evoo) Olive oil, Crude oil, Motor oil (2 stroke) Blue Mouth Wash and Dish Detergent...

Preparation for samples 1 through 4 were straight forward, no dilution for the olive oil, no dilution for the blue mouth wash and a 1/10th dilution in ethanol for the 2 stroke motor oil and crude oil samples.

UV plastic cuvettes were used for samples 1 through 4, with a wavelength range of 220nm - 2200nm. The 5th sample (dish detergent) is from July 30, 2016 scan, used to illustrate further, the difference in absorption spectral wave forms and absorption data.

The dark counts were subtracted and the spectra were corrected for wavelength-dependent instrument sensitivity.




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