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Tested 3 High Powered LEDs Red, Blue and Violet (UV)

by dhaffnersr | June 11, 2016 16:55 11 Jun 16:55 | #13188 | #13188

I made a new power supply for my LEDs, and wanted to test it out so here are the results of that test:

Power supply: Old Zip drive/ITE/ Input-120vac 60Hz 0.3A Output- 5vdc 1A

Buck puck- LED driver module - 5-14vdc input 1000mA

400nm UV high pwr LED 3.5vdc 350mA/ Prolight 470nm Blue high pwr LED 3.5vdc 700mA/ Cree 623nm Red high pwr LED 2.7vdc 700mA/ Cree





Below is the graphical representation of all 3 LEDs


These are the associated calibration curves for all 3 LEDs





Hi @dhaffnersr, great post, do you mesure it with the public lab spectrometer 3.0?

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Hey @d4mo, no, I use a version I modified, Plab v2.5 spectrometer kit. you can check it out here:

I have been asking people using the Plab 3.0 to do the same thing I am doing but no one has stepped up to the plate yet!

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Thank you @dhaffnersr! I need to do some research about a high powered led lamp i made, and i didnt know if de Plab 3 will work for it. So i will give it a try! Regards!

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Hey @ d4mo, Good luck!!

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