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CFL repeatability study part two...

by dhaffnersr | April 18, 2016 12:35 18 Apr 12:35 | #12999 | #12999

I put together 4 separate graphs demonstrating any "drift" time from time of data capture to end of data capture for the cfl study, and have some very interesting observations.

One observation upon really examining the numbers of the significant peaks (the blue spectrum at 435nm and the green at 546nm,) the bar graphs show only small changes in luminous intensity over time, theoretically the JDEPC-ov04 camera's gamma correction can be programmed as far as the spec sheet says, but looking at the average Y axis values for all 6 spectra, the changes are in the hundreth's if not thousand's of radiant intensities of each other.

I'm not sure how plab's averaging algorithum works, or if it really has any real significant impact on data collection and editing, so from what I can gather so far from the numbers are that, from time of average data capture of a sample any real signal interference from light source to CPU seems to be minimal.




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