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Pictures showing motor oil dissolution and separation

by dhaffnersr | April 13, 2016 19:03 13 Apr 19:03 | #12968 | #12968

Here are some pictures showing what the samples look like after processing with the regent I used to process these oil samples:




An explanation why I used a regent, one, was to dilute the sample to control what is called the "inner filter effect," the inner filter effect can be a problem for any fluorescence measurement,especially where an absorbing component is being titrated into the cuvette. The fluorescence is proportional to the light absorbed, but absorbing light at one end of the cuvette means that it isn't available at the other end.

two, aromatic hydrocarbons have single bonds and double bonds, if I want to examine individual aspects of the sample data I need to separate those bonds chemically so I use a solvent mixture to achieve this, absorption happens at different frequencies or wavelengths according to the strength of those bonds. This information can be found in section 3.19 Table 3.6 thru 3.7 in Lange's handbook of chemistry sixteenth edition.

I have a somewhat unconventional style when it comes to posting research, I don't like the dry boring stuff, don't get me wrong, I love math and technical specifications and data collection, but I also enjoy personal interactions with colleagues and just people who take an interest in science.

I like Einstein's quote about; "Imagination is more important, than knowledge." man you gotta love that!


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