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$200.00 laser Vs $18.00 laser

by dhaffnersr | March 31, 2016 12:22 31 Mar 12:22 | #12899 | #12899

I wanted to know if there really was a difference between an expensive green laser and a very cheap one, so here are the results of those tests:

The first graph will show the Aries 532nm green laser, cost-$200.00 and the second graph will show the results for the $18.00 green laser pointer under the exact conditions.

Aries 532nm green laser. aries_532nm_laser_vs_quality_532nm_laser_mar17.png

Generic 532nm green laser pointer. generic_green_laser_532nm_eosin_in_wtr_mar17.png


So what's your verdict? I see some differences in the curves. The laser pointer seems to shift the colour peaks a bit towards blue. Light and dark yellow lines swapped places. But what do we make of it? Do you think the expensive laser is better? Can you compare the curves to some kind of "official spectrum curve"?

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hey! Thanks for responding, well my verdict is, that indeed the more expensive laser does exhibit more coherent stability over time, but both the cheap one and the expensive one were neck in neck as far as over all intensity and excitation levels.

The 200.00 laser has to be handled with more care though, at more than 20mW it tends to heat the sample up pretty quick.

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