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Laser Eye Safety!

by dhaffnersr | February 15, 2016 13:56 15 Feb 13:56 | #12692 | #12692

I just wanted to post up a quick note about the importance of using appropriete eye wear when using ANY kind of laser within close proximity of you or anyone else, the reason is only have one pair of eyeballs, try and keep them for as long as possible!

As benign as it may seem when using even laser pointers, they still have the ability to harm your eyes very quickly without you even knowing it until it's too late, below is a picture of what I use when operating my UV laser pointer or green laser pointer, these green safety glasses block both the green and blue laser light and it only cost me 9 dollars.



Thank you.

It's worth reminding people not to be fooled by the low perceived brightness at the 405nm end of the spectrum -- the lighted spot looks dim, but the photons are very high energy and can do damage even though you don't see them. I wish I knew a simpler way to explain this to people.

I happen to have had -- in one eye -- the older type cataract implant, from before they blocked any of the UV-to-blue wavelengths.

I can see UV with that eye (and no, I don't leave that eye unprotected). It makes a comparison easy, though. With my normal eye I barely see the violet laser dot. With the unfiltered lens in the cataract implant eye, I see a brilliant violet circle with a bright white center, from the exact same dot.

There's a hell of a lot of energy in the 405nm lasers, and people can't see almost any of that.

This guy had the same cataract surgery and does a great job explaining it:

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Fantastic and very important, thanks!

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