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Attempts at Spectrometer stability pics

by dhaffnersr | February 03, 2016 21:10 03 Feb 21:10 | #12646 | #12646

****Here are some shots of modifications I have made in the last few days to the spectrometer, thanks in large part to the help of Dave Stoft who has been helping me with getting my reflection problems worked out and my calibrations more accurate.

I devised the front entrance window out of cardboard and cut a small square frame the same size as the test tube, then fashioned a coupler to fit on the aperture that houses the slit (I removed the one that comes with the kit) a hose clamp did the trick to keep the front window from moving and staying aligned. The rest is spray painted with ultra flat black non-reflection paint, on the inside it doesn't look real pretty, but the double sided sticky tape isn't reliable, so I taped (with black electrical) the pin connector to the base of the housing. The DVD piece is secured at a 45 degree angle to the webcam by the end piece of an ink pen, both sides are lined again with black tape so keep the pen piece snugged as I (carefully) pushed it into place.

Next I lined the bottom and both sides again of the housing with Kwik Kut air conditioning filter pieces, once this was done I cut two more pieces and fitted them on top of the unit and fastened the cover back on.

Works like a charm!! 20160203_153355.jpg





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