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Raman spectrometer in operation (sort of)

by dhaffnersr | January 25, 2016 16:26 | 51 views | 0 comments | #12615 | 51 views | 0 comments | #12615 25 Jan 16:26

What I want to do - develop a simple raman spectroscope that the public lab spectrometer kit can pick up the signal.

My attempt and results - so far I have come up with a focusing lens that uses a 10 X objective eye piece from a microscope coupled in a barlow lens with the barlow optics bored out and replaced with a laser collimator lens.

Questions and next steps - the only real problem with this set up is getting the laser pointer angle just right, so many small adjustments have to be made both with the laser and focal lens, very frustrating, but it does seem to work, some of my spectral results are up.

I am working on a more solid state design in an enclosure using cuvettes which is more appropriate.







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