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Saturn V Unboxing

by dbenjamin | June 26, 2015 17:37 26 Jun 17:37 | #12012 | #12012

Here's a quick pic of the Saturn V pre-assembly. Hopefully we aren't missing any parts, as it didn't come with a parts list. Awaiting instructions.


Wow, USPS is fast. It looks like you already did a little assembly. How hard was it to screw on the orange leg brackets? And you added a camera! Sorry there is no parts list. I will get back to work on the instructions. In the meantime round up some super glue and thread locker. And small screw drivers. Is that an S100 you are going to mount on it? I can send measurements for locating the tripod screw hole for an S100.
Thanks for the pic!

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Yeah I started some assembly, using the Redstone we have and some of the photos you posted as reference. The leg brackets were surprisingly easier than I expected.

Please send over measurements for the S100, I already drilled a hole, but I put it in the wrong side, not realizing the mount is asymmetrical.

CC smathermather

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For an S100, the center of the tripod screw hole should be 5.3 cm from the close end of the camera tray (the end that attaches to the servo). That's measured from the outside surface of the end of the tray. The hole center should be 10.5 mm from the inside of the tray lip, and that is the more critical distance. I start with a small hole and slowly make it bigger while checking it's position. I like the back of the camera to be snug against the lip.

The Picavet Kit Guide can help you glue the little rod and the white vinyl cap on the fiberglass shaft, and lace the string:

And the guide attached here for the previous beta version will help with the some of the other assembly. I'll get the new instructions to you maybe tonight.


Thanks, Chris

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What I've got so far. Everything fit, except the picavet cross was a bit of a squeeze to push the shaft through. Do you think there is a better way to attach the nano than velcro? It probably doesn't matter in the end, though. Also, there is a bit of space between the gears. Do you think its too much?


I'll finish the rest on Monday, once @smathermather has soldered the battery box connector, and give an update on that.

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Excellent progress. Everything looks good. The Picavet shaft should be tight so it does not slip. Once it is in place, there is not much reason to slide it around. But the shaft should spin easily in the two holes through the upper frame.

The gear spacing looks good. It seems to be not that critical. As long as it not so loose as to skip past teeth or too tight so that it locks, it should be fine.

The one tricky thing remaining is attaching the white nylon round spline bracket to the camera tray. Use two of the five shiny M2 bolts with nuts. You have to enlarge two opposite holes in the nylon, then drill matching holes in the tray (above and below the center hole, not left and right). The bolt heads should be on the nylon side. Thread locker is good here. The one remaining shiny M2 bolt with washer goes into the end of the servo spline to hold everything together. That will have to be loosened to calibrate the tray angle (with the controller running) so there is no reason to tighten it too much. But eventually, it has to be tightened carefully because it is the only thing holding that side of the tray on.

Then the soldering part.

Thanks for the progress updates.

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Oh and the controller (SkyShield plus Nano) should have Velcro loops underneath to match hooks on the top of the frame. I think I included a second Velcro strap to wrap around the whole thing for extra security. That should be plenty. It just sort of hangs out up there but seems to be fine. Let us know if you figure out a better way to attach things.

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I'm getting an odd noise out of the tilt servo. Any idea what that is?

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Try loosening the bolt into the spline. As per

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I figured it out: I had tightened the other side too tightly, and causing the servo to work. We tried to go out and fly today, but wind was too low to get the kite up. I will make a new research note with photos from a flight, hopefully sometime this week.

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thanks for this post, i'm catching up!


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