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Brendan & Claire's Water Samples -- Emerson Data Viz

by cnobles | September 29, 2014 17:05 29 Sep 17:05 | #11204 | #11204


First sample Location: 42.359242, -71.067777 Type: puddle water Conductivity guess: high

This sample was collected outside the Beacon Hill Market on Anderson and Myrtle St. There were several cigarette butts and other pieces of trash floating around in the puddle -- Beacon Hill, one of Boston's oldest neighborhoods (dating back to the 1600s), has cobbled narrow streets. Trash pickup, done twice a week, consists of residents putting their bags of trash out on the street without trashcans. This causes a lot of litter to be on the street, thus why this puddle is so dirty.


Second Sample Location: 42.351479, -71.062932 Type: puddle water Conductivity guess: high

This sample was collected in Chinatown, right across the street from Pho Pasteur. It was a hot day when it was collected, so the puddle was evaporating. Chinatown in Boston is the only surviving Chinese area in the New England area, so it attracts a lot of tourists and foot traffic. This intersection is interesting, as it is right next to some strip clubs, restaurants, and then a brand new luxury apartment building. This area has seen a lot of development over the past few years, and it is continuously gentrifying every day.


Third Sample Location: 42.351534, -71.063501 Type: puddle water/runoff from fire hydrant Conductivity guess: high, but lower than rest

This sample was collected just down the street from the second sample, but it was runoff from a fire hydrant, right next to a construction site. Because it is runoff from a fire hydrant, it should be a lower conductivity than the other samples, which had been sitting in the street for a while.


Nice work guys. I'm glad that puddles will be represented in our samples :D

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