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Aims of initiative

by cindy_excites | August 03, 2012 21:56 03 Aug 21:56 | #3120 | #3120

Science has no Borders take a hands-on, community-lead and capacity building approach to research and science. Its aim is to start a civic science project with communities in London, specifically in areas identified as deprived, as defined by the Index of Multiple Deprivation ( Specifically,

• the main focus is on using the PLOTS concepts and methodologies of high-veracity DIY techniques whose range of expertise for tool prototyping extends from balloon mapping to thermal sensing and water quality testing;

• the specific choice of tools for data collection is based on the needs identified by the community conducting the research;

•the main purpose is to engage people as ‘community researchers’ who develop and deploy their own DIY investigative toolkit that will enable them to critically and actively examine, identify and address environmental issues of interest to them.

The community will also share their findings, stories and innovations as open-knowledge with the global community through the PLOTS wiki and how-to videos and pictures. We are also aiming to created a community-designed web-forum that is defined and driven by the community.


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