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Oil and Gas Monitoring Methods Fellow Update: Week 9

by charlotte_clarke | November 19, 2019 16:14 19 Nov 16:14 | #21532 | #21532

Here's the week 9 update on monitoring methods for oil and gas water impacts:

  • OpenHour: November's OpenHour, on Tuesday, Nov 12 at 8pm EST, focused on our research area. You can find the recording in the OpenHour archive.
  • We are hosting an event in New Orleans TONIGHT! We'll drill down into some of our testing methods and practice predicting water quality test outcomes with qualitative observations. We will try out Arduino + DF Robot sensors built by Will, cheap handheld sensors, and spectrometry. We'll also talk about uses for Hanby kits. Students, educators, and citizen scientists all welcome -- the event will be at 6pm at Global Green in New Orleans. More details here.
  • I have done a few interviews and am making follow-up calls to contacts to complete some more. As always, if you or someone you know would like to share your water testing experiences, I'd love to hear about it. I look forward to posting the finalized interview notes over the next few weeks.
  • We are starting to gain a more complete understanding of monitoring methods and their best use cases. After a month and a half of learning more about the world of water monitoring, and getting the opportunity to test some of Public Lab's own DIY sensors thanks to Will's designs, we're excited to pull together the information we've learned into a research area review. This guide will give citizen scientists a sense of where to start monitoring, based on their needs and the resources they have available.


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