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Handheld AutoKAP

by cfastie | October 12, 2015 00:20 12 Oct 00:20 | #12289 | #12289

Above: Flying the Fled at LEAFFEST. A field reporter for the LEAFFESTer captured this moment on Saturday as the Fled kite struggled to fly with the soaring hawk and Don struggled to get the deer poop off of his hand.

The perfect LEAFFEST Saturday did not really have enough wind to fly a kite, but we needed an excuse to soak in the scenery. Don and I demonstrated the Saturn V Rig by standing in for the kite line.

Photo courtesy the LEAFFESTer.

The camera was operating during the demo, and the photos from one full pan/tilt sequence stitched together into an almost spherical panorama.

This cropped panorama is displayed with ICE's "fisheye" projection and used ICE's "autocomplete" feature to fill in the missing sky at the zenith and the green stuff at the four corners.

The version below embedded from is a different ICE stitch and includes Ned's head which is sort of nice.

Google Chrome does not display these Photosynth panoramas as well as other browsers.


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