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by cfastie | September 11, 2013 20:57 11 Sep 20:57 | #9315 | #9315

Image above: The blue white-balance paper included in the Infragram filter kit after exposure to sunlight. The "shadow" of the little clip is the only area without much fading. That much fading happened in two to three hours.

There was intense sunlight on LEAFFEST Sunday when we finished the test photos with the web cam board. In the hour or so that the set of calibration cards was in the sun, the blue paper faded noticeably. Today I confirmed that the blue fades quickly by placing a sensor assembly on the card in the hazy sun for an hour or two.

After this photo session, the Infragram "filter kit blue card" was faded compared to the area shaded by the black paper clip.

So if you have an Infragram filter kit, you might want to protect that blue paper from long term exposure to bright light. However, even if the paper fades, it is still useful for white balancing an Infragram camera. In fact, the color of the light hitting the paper during the white balancing process may be just as important as the color of the paper.


Boo, television chroma key suppliers... i really do suspect they just sell blue paper as "chroma key" because they sell it in big enough rolls. I have doubts now that there's anything "special" about the chroma key paper. In the future, we should look for some non-fading paper/ink/paint, maybe paint sample cards or something.

in the meantime, yeah; everyone should keep their blue paper under wraps.

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hmm... There are no paint sample cards available. Sounds like its time to buy a gallon and a roller. we have an opportunity to switch these out in the next assembly run, thanks to the miss-mailed white paper we just got.

Reply to this comment... shows "Beautiful Blue" and hundreds of other paint card options... trying to find cost for 1000 cards, but they offer 100 for free. We should call them!

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