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by cfastie | August 11, 2013 15:21 11 Aug 15:21 | #8991 | #8991

Replacing red light with near infrared light makes some fun photographic effects possible. That replacement is how Infragram cameras work, and is the key to revealing plant health. But by tweaking how the infrared light is displayed, it is possible to make some dramatic images. Here are a few Infragram photos from the Addison County Fair and Field Days, the biggest agricultural fair in Vermont. These Infragram photos were taken with a Canon A810 with Rosco #74 filter, and all were tweaked in Photoshop.







The demolition derby. This is a traditional false-color infrared image made in the non-traditional way by switching the green and blue channels.

The original Infrablue photo of the demolition derby was also processed at which now accepts full resolution files.


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