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KAP comes first

by cfastie | June 18, 2015 20:28 18 Jun 20:28 | #11988 | #11988

This week Bre Pettis left Stratasys, two years after Stratasys bought MakerBot, the 3D printer company that he co-founded in 2009. The Bold Machines innovation workshop that Pettis has been running in those two years was spun off and is now his independent company.

Pettis got interested in 3D printing in 2007 after he attended Roboexotica where robots mix cocktails. He studied the RepRap 3D printers so he could use one to print shot glasses at the next Roboexotica. A year later MakerBot was founded.

But (just like me) before Pettis got involved in 3D printing, he tried kite aerial photography. I think KAP always leads to good things. This video is from July, 2006.

If Pettis had thought to combine KAP and 3D printing, there would be no need for the KAPtery.


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