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Image above: All the iFarm participants graciously made Hay Angels for the kite borne camera, but it was not pointed straight down and missed most of the angels. We will have to try again next year.

A lot of people took a lot of Images For Agricultural Research and Management this past weekend at iFarm in Lee, New Hampshire. Dorn Cox of Greenstart and FarmHack hosted about 20 folks at his Tuckaway Farm to image some management treatments and share ideas and have a lovely picnic dinner overlooking the ponds.


The central compound of Tuckaway Farm from an obliquely rigged Canon S95 under a helium balloon. After this flight we brought it down and aimed the camera vertically for a 50 minute flight to get the images in the gigapan below.

I have about 1500 photos from three kite flights and two balloon flights, and many others also captured a lot of photos. Two of my flights were with the dual camera infrared rig, one with a blue filter Infragram prototype camera, and two with an unmodified Powershot S95. Some images have been shared at a Public Lab wiki page. Please add your images there by clicking edit and dragging a few to where the cursor is.

Here are a few other iFarm research notes.

The gigapan below was made with about 25 vertical photos from the S95 lofted by a helium balloon on Sunday. The images were stitched in Microsoft ICE and then some additional photos were added in Photoshop. A similar scene was aligned in MapKnitter.

Thanks very much to Dorn and his extended family for being great hosts and sharing their magical spot with us. It was a totally fun and very inspirational weekend. After last year's meetup I came home and planted cover crops in my vegetable garden. This year I am looking for a subsoil plow to ameliorate the soil compaction in my lawn.

The missing image below can be seen here:


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