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Contribute to GirlsGetGeeky on Mozilla Global Sprint

by cess | May 09, 2018 10:56 09 May 10:56 | #16318 | #16318

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Girls Get Geeky project will be participating on Mozilla Global sprint this year which will be held on 10th- 11th May 2018 world-wide. We are inviting contributors to our project.

What is Mozilla Global Sprint?

Mozilla's Global Sprint is a fun, two-day collaborative hackathon. A diverse network of educators, engineers, artists, scientists, and many others come together in person and online to build projects for a healthy Internet. More info here


GirlsGetGeeky is a project that is aimed at building an offline course available on usb sticks and at the same time helping others learn/get started with a programming language using the experience of others. The offline course should have all the important resources that one needs to effectively learn the programming language in question. We are currently building an offline study course for Ruby. After the Ruby course is finished we will move to other languages. We plan to build these courses and instructions in markdown files but we want the project to be as open as possible and so any ideas from what we should include, code examples, a better way to deliver the off-line course are welcome. This project will:

  • Give people in areas with poor internet connection a chance to learn programing with less hassle.
  • Point people getting started on a language to the right direction from the feedback given by people who have different experience with the language.

Who we are looking for

We are looking for three types of contributors

  1. Contributors sharing their experience with Ruby on Rails. Tell us about your challenges and how you overcame them, tutorials that worked for you, dos and don'ts in Rails or Ruby etc. For these, look for an issue with a label storytelling and add a comment as a contribution to the issue.These are the largest in number right now because we want to get people's feedback and make decisions based on what has worked for others
  2. Contributors giving thoughts on how we can improve this course, code examples for our course, how what we should include in our content or any other thing that can not be added as an issue. We want this project to be as open as possible. And so any thoughts are welcome and will be put to consideration. We have a google doc dedicated to this find it here. You do not necessarily need to be a Ruby developer to contribute to this.
  3. Contributors to the development of the course. For now, these contributors should have skills in Ruby on Rails/ and markdown.They are not so many of these.

How to get started

All issues for the global sprint have a label "mozsprint". To contribute to our project on Mozilla global sprint

  • Read the sprint's participants guidelines here and register for the sprint.
  • Checkout our repository and make sure you go through our contribution guidelines and code of conduct before you get started.
  • Join the conversation on slack and ask any question, give suggestions or just say hi.
  • You do not have to wait for May 10, you can start contributing today!

What do our contributors get

When you contribute to this project, you will get recognition as one of our contributors, a big thank you on twitter and we will mention you on our blog after the sprint.

Important Links

Participation guidelines

The project on Mozilla Sprint Issues

The project repository

Slack Channel

Google docs for any feedback


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