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Emerson Data Visualization Water Samples

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Sample 1


Christian Science Center Complex on Huntington avenue:

Type: Fountain water Conductivity: I predict that the conductivity of this water will be slightly higher. The pool of water seemed to have a layer of dirt at the bottom as well as coins that were thrown into the fountain by people passing by. The water was not deep and the space is very open allowing particles of dirt to easily collect into the water source.

The Christian Science Center consists of six buildings that were built between the years of 1894 and 1975. The complex has many purposes including religious worship, office space, a library, educational uses and publishing operations. The fountain and pool located in the plaza in the center of these buildings is open to the public.

The Christian Science Center Complex is equipped with a fountain that is children friendly and large pool of water that runs along the entire complex. The pool of water doesn’t allow people to go within it. The water is circulating and the fountain is maintained by those who work there.

Sample 2


Copley Square on Boylston street:

Type: Fountain water Conductivity: I predict that this water will have a low conductivity. The water is clear and is constantly circulating through small waterfalls at the back end of the fountain.

Copley square contains a lot of historical architecture in the city of Boston. The fountain is a renovation that was established in 1983 along with walkways, trees and benches to make the area a friendly destination.

The water fountain at Copley square is located between Dartmouth street and Claredon street along Boylston. The fountain is maintained by the city of Boston and Waterline Studios Inc. In maintaining the fountain Waterline Studios Inc. evaluates the condition of the fountain and makes a report with repairs that need to be made along with long and short term needs of the fountain. The fountain water is described as crystal clear and is a great place for individuals and families to enjoy lunches and strolls, it also makes for a great tourist location in the city of Boston.

Sample 3


Jamaica Pond

Type: Pond water Conductivity: My guess is that the pond has a lower conductivity level than most because of the clarity of the water, but - because of the sailing programs available for Boston residents - it could be possible that it's just as highly polluted.

Coordinates: 42 19' 6'' N, 71 7'2'' W

Located in Jamaica Plain, Jamaica Pond was first included in Boston's "Emerald Necklace" of parks in 1892. The 1.5 mile path around the pond is enjoyed by many who walk or run it.

The pond itself covers about 68-acres, and has an average depth of 25 feet. Though, a natural "kettle" depression formed by glacial action, explains how it is nearly 53 feet deep at the center.

A hundred and fifty years ago the pond was a source of ice and a popular place to skate in the winter. Today, fishing is allowed with a Massachusetts fishing license. The pond is stocked each year by the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife. Sailboats, rowboats, and kayaks can also be rented at the Jamaica Pond Boat House, which is administered by the Courageous Sailing Center.


Nice work! I think your photos for Christian Science and Copley Square are reversed btw

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