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Public Laboratory on RAI TV's Ubiq

by btbonval | May 15, 2014 23:18 15 May 23:18 | #10474 | #10474

What I want to do

Demonstrate the effectiveness of Public Laboratory staff and volunteers to appear on variety television programs speaking about Public Laboratory.

My attempt and results

Fortunately, RAI TV asked us to do precisely that in 2013 for its variety television show Ubiq.

The episode can be found online here (requires Silverlight player?):

Interviewed in the video are:

Also spotted in the video:


Actually, I needed some screen caps, so I figured I'd share via a research note while I was at it.

strikethrough Unfortunately, Silverlight is pretty much Microsoft only. I don't have anything to play the video or do screen caps until I get my desktop up and running. /strikethrough It looks like I can watch this video on Linux now, and I was able to download the original .mp4 by inspecting the DOM.

Questions and next steps

What were we saying? Our voices were dubbed over with smooth Italian.

Perhaps as a next step, someone fluent in Italian might translate our dialog.

I'd also like to get some screen caps sometime.

Why I'm interested

Trying to find images of me doing public labby things for organizer reasons.


@warren @nemo @dorncox @cfastie @karenv

I finally went through the ubiq show from Italian TV for screen caps. I also made a PL-specific cut of the episode. You all were named or were recognizable to me in the video while I was cutting it.

I called my version the "ritalin cut" because it's far less ADHD than the original episode linked above. I probably can't share my cut what with copyright and all that. Unsure if Italian copyrights apply to the USA, but they probably do.

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