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DIY NIR Test with Filter Kit #1

by belkinsa | April 08, 2017 13:22 08 Apr 13:22 | #14099 | #14099

Roughly a week ago, I ordered a DIY Plant Analysis Filter Kit from the store and just a day ago it came. I used the blue filter since I have a old USB webcam. I tested it with one of the house plants in my house and the title image of this research note is what I got from Infragram.

Below is the original with the blue filter:

image description

Looks like it works, but I want to test this outside because I want to see how well the plants that we, at Grailville, are planting to put in floats will do compared to the duckweek that seems to like to manifest in the pond. And I also need to figure out how make a fixture to hold the webcam in place off of the ground (but not in the air) so I can hit the button on my laptop.


That's a good result from The result could be different outside because the color of the light can influence the proportion of visible and near infrared light. To get a good measure of duckweed NDVI you might have to wait for a still, dry day so there is no water on the surface of the little leaves. A water surface will reflect lots of light and throw off the result.

Most spreadsheet programs make it easy to combine your three columns (day, month, year) into a single date column. The program will then recognize that as a date and allow you to graph it.


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