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Lusher's Water Run-Off

by anderstenn , jeanell873 | September 20, 2019 19:38 20 Sep 19:38 | #20943 | #20943


At Lusher Charter High School, we have witnessed a problem of water waste throughout our school community. The problem is visible both inside and outside the school with lots of water being flooded out the gutters and drains everyday. There is lots of perfectly fresh and clean water that isn't being completely utilized within the school campus that ends up as run-off and isn't used for anything. We believe that there are options for us to more efficiently use all of our clean water without wasting as much.

Our main concern:

We want to identify and locate the main sources of water runoff from our school, as well as reduce said water runoff on our school campus.

Obstacles and supporting information:

One of our main obstacles is that it is hard to recollect the water from the gutters because it is so low to the ground. This makes it very hard to guide the water into a collection area to reuse later. Along with this, there is a drain directly under it, so the water gets disposed of very quickly and leaves us with very little opportunity to redirect the water.

Who is engaged in this concern?

The problem is attempting to be tackled by our Environmental Sustainability third year engineering course class and any staff members who have an interest in the problem.

What are the initial questions?

  • How many gallons of water are wasted per day?
  • Where is the most water wasted throughout the school?
  • Is any water trying to be recycled?
  • How much water run-off comes out of our school building?
  • Where is there the most water run-off coming from our building?


We're having difficulty in approving the project due to our supervisors concerns on the case if a rain barrel were to back up the downspout. We're working to provide an explanation on how the problem can be circumvented with a downspout diverter as it drains excess water and materials, hopefully giving us the go ahead to move through in designing a barrel.

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