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Do all these labs have the special apparatus on their GC/MS to connect the tedlar bag for Bucket tool sampling?

by amocorro | December 07, 2020 21:06 07 Dec 21:06 | #25182 | #25182

Learn more about general air quality sampling analysis here in this Wiki:

Read the original post where this community question @jjcreedon about air quality lab testing specifics using the Bucket monitoring tool was raised; go here:


My understanding is that any lab which has the capacity to test EPA Method TO-15 (summa canisters) would likely be able to do it for Tedlar bags, but you would need to check with them to see if they support that sort of testing before contracting to send a sample. Many labs, including university labs, have the ability to do GC-MS testing, but air labs will calibrate their equipment for the types of testing they support (which presumably also includes whether they are only doing summa canisters, or whether they are doing bags and canisters).

I think this would be a "call the lab and ask them" question.

But others should weigh in! I may be off base and there may be more standardized practices that I don't know about.

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