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by alejobonifacio | December 20, 2021 18:45 20 Dec 18:45 | #28513 | #28513

THE CRY OF THE SUQUÍA RIVER is a documentary that is a boat trip crossing a 32 km path that allows you to see at each stop, to connect with life experiences on various socio-environmental realities. The language is Spanish with English subtitles.

A river extremely polluted

As already discussed in the issue brief link the sewage in the Suquía river Basin is a big problem in the second most populated city in Argentina. This is a big source of problems in the environment, health, economy and society. In this film you are gonna see how the river is becoming polluted, obstructing the flow of clean water that is biodiversity and the health of the population. Garbage, plastics, toxins, waste, sewers, believing that the river cleans everything. Nothing further from reality.

Where can I watch this documentary?

The film is freely available in the Agora association Youtube channel Link to the video:

How can I help to solve this problem?

You can share in social media, talk with your friends about it, give a like in the youtube video. The environmental advocacy that you can generate is wonderful, not only for Suquía river health, also for a more environmentally friendly world.


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