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Transifex tutorial for beginners

by adarshkumar | December 31, 2016 21:43 31 Dec 21:43 | #13828 | #13828

Created a video tutorial for beginners to learn Transifex translation platform This tutorial was created for publiclab while working with fossasia during Google Code-In 2016

Before getting started we need to create an account on

You will see a page like this:image description

Fill out the required details and complete your signup.

After signup, we need to choose a project to work with, you can go to: to find interesting projects.

Choose one and see languages available. If the language you want is available then Request to Join Team

or Request the language of your choice first.

See the highligted link below languages to request a new oneimage description

After getting your preferred language, join the team and start translating (Click the blue button saying "Join Team"):image description

Next, after getting accepted in the team you can start translating and contributing to the project.

Choose a language to translate into:image descriptionimage description

Translate the project. Good luck translating...

If you need further help, check my video tutorial given below.

Video Tutorial


Impressive! Thanks!!!

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Awesome post! It would be cool to see guides like this for similar localization services, like and I think they'd be very useful.

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