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Spectrometer on a chip

by WhiteRabbit | July 26, 2014 20:08 26 Jul 20:08 | #10981 | #10981

I ran across this all-in-one chip while I was just now looking into filter wheels, and I thought you all might find it of interest if you hadn't already seen it:

Are there other sensor chips like this? I'd be interested if there were a chip that not only covered some narrow bands of the visible range (as this one does) but also covered some bands from the UV and Infrared ranges.


There are some broad spectrum linear CCDs. Nathan McCorkle might have suggestions. one is linked here: and

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Thanks for the links!

Epilog: after pricing out individual filters for doing a filter wheel, I don't think I could beat the price of this one pixel sensor, which also doesn't require all the labor that a filter wheel would require. A company or organization might (?) be able to make filter wheels at a lower cost than the pixel sensor through bulk orders and such, but I doubt an individual like me could beat the cost by procuring filters individually. So, ixnay to the filter wheel.

That being said, mounting a monochrome camera behind a filter wheel would produce pictures, not just one pixel, in different spectra, and so you could potentially harvest a lot more information.

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