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The Formosa's Air Permit Trial: Rise St. James vs. Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ)

by TravisLondon | March 26, 2022 01:29 26 Mar 01:29 | #30191 | #30191


Rise St. James' attorneys argued the following:

Formosa will add to existing greenhouse gases in St. James thus creating stronger storms than past bad storms.

LDEQ did not gather updated information from the people of St. James Parish's' 4th and 5th District.

LDEQ decided not to use any of EPA's databases and other suggested government data as a guide.

Questions arise on LDEQ's methods versus United States' Public Trust Doctrine, and Clean Air Act.

LDEQ totally ignored records of Formosa's Violations.

Existing environmental violations and chemicals added with the arrival of Formosa will add to harsher problems to workers, kids, other people in St James Parish, and visitors.

Carbon dioxide and lots of other chemicals from each of St. James Parish's plants never got studied by LDEQ as an entire mixture of chemicals threatening people, animals, and plants.

LDEQ falsely interpreted EPA's laws in authorizing permits.

Formosa's plan of protection for the environment are dangerously wrong, which ranges from lack of knowledge in real estate to lack of knowledge in how far chemical releases can travel.

Questions arose about Formosa's "'thermal optimizer" equipment and plans that were hard to understand by the court.

During many times of LDEQ telling their side of the story, the judge asked many questions on many topic ranging from LDEQ's possible race discrimination to LDEQ's possible lack of knowledge of both medical and environmental data on St. James, Louisiana. Some of the judge's important questions were not even answered by LDEQ as LDEQ went off subject about Formosa's potential "benefits".


Thank you for recording this so we can follow along with these proceedings @TravisLondon . Sounds like this is a fairly well-informed judge.

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