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Thermal Imaging: Heat Insulation Comparison

by SCG | November 23, 2014 19:18 23 Nov 19:18 | #11392 | #11392

We hope to test the insulation in different apartment buildings among the Northeastern University campus. Our hypothesis is that the newer, renovated buildings will have better heat insulation than the older buildings.

Our first attempt was in the living room of one of our apartments, which is newly renovated. We tested the apartment on November 22, 2014 at 4:30pm. The outside temperature on that day was around 45 degrees Fahrenheit. We set the temperature range in the Arduino programming at 70 to 74 degrees Fahrenheit. The average temperature of the room was around 71 degrees, which is portrayed by the green/yellow lighting from the thermal flashlight. The heating vent was right below the wall which is portrayed by the red lighting and was giving off an average of 75 degrees in temperature. We also tested the thermal flashlight by putting it in the freezer to represent poor heat insulation.

The next step is to test the heat insulation in an older building, which we expect to see thermal imaging that represents poorer insulation and lower temperatures in that apartment.




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