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More kite ability

by RoderickRead | March 19, 2014 10:47 19 Mar 10:47 | #10201 | #10201

I'd like to share research in kite functionality.

My plans for a steered single line kite... Using a remote control to adjust bridle tensions. This will allow your camera to be over to the side of the wind window not just directly downwind. Where you frame your picture from can give access to better pictures and much more data.

I recommend a good steady lifter sled and drogue kite for KAP.

The next rig I'm designing for will be a long term lifter. Using arch kites weather-cocking on a ground rail can provide steady lift in the most diverse wind conditions. stack.jpg

There is still a long way to go to make these Airborne Wind Energy Systems fully accessible and open source. But research has started and we're quite convinced of a coming aero-architecture language to describe lifting and generating structures.


Nice use of reused materials in the steering jig. I've done some limited off-wind flying with weighting the wing tips of my kites and attaching asymmetrical tails.

My techniques are based on paul's fishing kites and rely on drag. Shifting the lift of the kite is not just more elegant, it should be more efficient and have less effect on the flight angle of the kite.

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