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The Pothole Problem: A New Orleans Pothole Project

by Rgaude | May 14, 2021 15:13 14 May 15:13 | #26592 | #26592


  • Heavy traffic is causing road damage
  • Sinking soil can cause potholes
  • Certain areas have more potholes than others

  • Soil plays a part in potholes

  • Weather heavily affects the road

Problems broke down:

  • Heavy traffic is causing road damage

    • What was the road originally designed for?
    • How is the road used now?
    • What is the area around the road?
    • What weather affects the road?
  • What benefits come from filling the potholes?

  • How much impact does soil have on preventing potholes?

Plan to research problem:

  • We need to observe existing roads that are similar apart from traffic.

Possible Solutions:

  • Restrict semi-truck traffic
  • Redesign and rebuild the road
  • Repair the existing road then build another road on top of it
  • Relocate where the semi-trucks are going
  • Create a different road that leads to the same destination

Testing Solutions:

  • We can observe other situations like this one and see what they changed to fix this problem.
  • We can conduct research to look at possible solutions.

Best Possible Solutions:

  • My solution is to reinforce the road so that it can support the semi-truck traffic it frequently encounters.
  • A possible solution would be to modify the soil to better reinforce the road.


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