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Potholes in New Orleans

by Rgaude | April 07, 2021 15:11 07 Apr 15:11 | #26155 | #26155


I live in LaPlace, Louisiana (near New Orleans), and I was brainstorming ideas about local environmental problems when potholes came to mind. New Orleans has many large potholes, and they interfere with nearly every person driving through this major city.

Our main concern:

Potholes in New Orleans are large and frequent, and they can annoy drivers, cause damage to vehicles, and potentially cause car accidents.

Obstacles and supporting information:

There may be a variety of causes for potholes; I have heard that they can be caused by freeze/thaw cycles and/or sinking or loose soil. Despite efforts to repair potholes, they are still many of them, big and small, in the city of New Orleans.

Who is engaged in this concern?

New Orleans' Department of Public Works is currently working on repairing reported potholes.

What are the initial questions?

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