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Color Quality Control

by RauAutowood | March 10, 2014 17:39 10 Mar 17:39 | #10150 | #10150

I want to use the desktop spectrometry kit as a quality control tool in the production of finished wood pieces. My goal is to be able to have a tool to check the color of finished wood pieces, and compare them to existing color samples.

I've used the desktop spectrometry kit and a CFL light to record samples. So far I can see differences between samples, but I do not know if these differences are caused by moment of the spectrometer or the light, as both are held by hand.

Were the changes caused by movement in the spectrometer and light? I will build a box that will hold the spectrometer at a fixed place, and the light will be held at a fixed spot for optimum reflection off the sample. If the changes still occur between sample, then I know they are differences in the sample.

I'm interested because this can be a cost effective solution to a difficult problem in the production process.


This sounds like a great idea! Getting the lighting conditions and reflections to a minimum will be crucial to making this work. some flat, diffused incandescent lighting in a black box will probably provide you the best control.

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